Traffic Law

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There is nothing significant for most people when they drive their car day to day, going about their business. But for some, they crash into another road user killing them or causing grievous bodily harm.

Saupin Legal traffic lawyers focus exclusively on Dangerous Driving Causing Death and Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm. We have represented many everyday road users who were involved in accidents. Some examples include:

  • A 25-year old electrician, who was blinded by the sun, turned into oncoming traffic killing someone in one of the oncoming vehicles. The electrician thought he had a green turning arrow, but by proceeding into the intersection his conduct carried tragic consequences.
  • A middle-aged boilermaker, was driving at night with his son in the passenger seat, and indicated to turn at a controlled intersection. Upon following the green light he was T-boned by a motorcycle rider who died upon impact.
  • A mineworker travelling on a mine road in dusty conditions overtook a semi-trailer after observing the relevant protocols to do so. He slammed into an oncoming vehicle, seriously injuring the occupants. In the moment before impact, he was following procedures told to him in training and well known in mining circles.

These are examples where Saupin Legal traffic lawyers have assisted everyday people navigate through complex and highly stressful court experiences. We say they are everyday people because at the time of the collisions they were not drunk or under the influence of drugs, tired, exceeding the speed limit, driving erratically or had traffic convictions of any relevance.

When you choose Saupin Legal traffic lawyers you benefit from our wealth of courtroom experience in serious traffic matters, as well as having access to our expert group of major crash experts, forensic scientists, motor vehicle and mechanical engineers and road traffic engineers that help us prepare your defence case.

If you are charged with Dangerous Driving Causing Death or Dangerous Driving Causing Grievous Bodily Harm then call Saupin Legal traffic lawyers on 0422 656 589.