Service Policy

Saupin Legal strives to offer our clients a very high standard of legal services. We do understand that our clients are going through a stressful time as they go through the legal process. We do understand that our clients are concerned about legal costs and outcomes. We do understand that a combination of stress factors, legal costs, family pressures and the sheer disempowerment that comes with legal proceedings will often produce feelings of stress and anxiety in our clients and their family and friends.

Our policy is to ensure that our clients’ interest are protected and that their experience with Saupin Legal is above their expectation. Our lawyers are attentive to our clients’ concerns as well as their legal problems.

Should any one of our clients become dissatisfied with any aspect of our service including billing and legal costs we will resolve their complaint expediently and to a high level of client satisfaction.

If you are dissatisfied with our legal service, your legal costs or any aspect of your experience with Saupin Legal or if you simply wish to discuss any aspect of your case please telephone Marc Saupin directly on 0422 656 589.