How Many Consultations Will You Need With Your Criminal Lawyer?

This will vary depending upon the seriousness of the charge and which court will finally determine the matter. Here is an outline of the general process:

  • First Meeting – Initial telephone discussion about your case and possible defences and time frame.
  • Second Meeting – Face-to-face meeting. This typically occurs after the firm receives initial disclosure of the charging documents called the Prosecution Notice and Statement of Material Facts. At this meeting the range of possible defences will be discussed, along with the expected time frame, procedural steps and estimate of legal costs to finalise your matter. If you are located in rural Western Australia we provide alternatives to face-to-face meetings including Skype conferencing.
  • Third Meeting/Step – involves our criminal lawyers managing your matter through the court system, dealing with investigating officers and prosecutors, making sure that charges are correct and the evidence to be relied upon is admissible, and considering your version of events and possible defences.
  • Fourth Meeting – This step is called trial proofing. Here you and your criminal lawyer go over the defences, prosecution case, defence witnesses, evidential matters and trial procedures.
  • Fifth Meeting – Attend trial.