CCC Examinations

Corruption & Crime Commission Examinations

If you have been summonsed by the CCC to be examined you can be certain that the matter is serious.  

As part of its investigation powers the CCC will be gathering evidence of serious misconduct. The examination is under oath before the Commissioner.  Counsel Assisting the Commissioner will be asking the questions.  You are required to answer truthfully even if your answer is self-incriminating.  The laws of evidence, the right to silence and the rule against self-incrimination do not apply.  

You are permitted by permission from the Commissioner to have a lawyer present throughout the examination.  The role of the lawyer is limited but essential to make sure that questions put to you are put fairly and you are afforded the opportunity to answer the questions without being badgered into answering.  

If you have been summonsed by the CCC to present for an examination then call us straightaway to obtain the most up to date legal advice in your preparation.