Corporate Crime

Corporate Crime is commonly known as financial, economic or white-collar crime. Corporate Crime is committed in the course of a person’s business. If you are a director or advisor to a large-scale corporation or a home-based proprietary business you are subjected to the same Commonwealth and State Government laws.

Whether the alleged crime is fraud, or forgery, or related to deceptive conduct, the transaction itself and the circumstances surrounding the transaction are often complex and difficult to unravel. Legitimate business transactions can be hard to explain to authorities.

When criminal conduct is alleged Company Directors, CEO’s and CFO’s are in the direct line of fire. Financial Planners and Mortgage Brokers, Accountants and Management Consultants are also often drawn into the prosecution mix as company advisors and therefore complicit in the offending.

Often the people prosecuted for corporate crimes were not aware they were involved in an illegal operation, or were not the person leading and directing the criminal activity. Indeed, the investigative process can routinely take many months before a person or corporation is charged. This means that individuals under investigation are often unaware of any wrongdoing until they are charged and prosecution proceedings commence. A conviction for a corporate crime often leads to very harsh penalties including imprisonment and or hefty fines.

As Saupin Legal we have advised and represented clients in the most difficult of circumstances, whether during the investigation stages or at trial. We work closely with clients to find the right approach to confront and resolve their legal problems and to protect their interests. In preparing your defence we routinely access a wide range of specialists including former investigators and bankers, hand writing experts, forensic accountants and auditors and tax accounting specialists.

Saupin Legal will assist you in ASIC Investigations and S19 Examinations, and prepare and conduct your defence if you are charged with any ASIC offence or other allegations including money laundering, tax evasion, bank, cheque and credit card fraud and forgery offences.

If you have been charged with a corporate crime or you are, or suspect that you are under investigation, call Saupin Legal now to discuss your options and legal strategies to defend the charges.