Choosing a Criminal Lawyer

If you are charged or being investigated for a serious criminal offence you need a law firm with experienced trial lawyers (the Barristers) who routinely practice criminal law in the various courts. The law firm should also have lawyers (the Solicitors) who are well versed in the criminal justice system and are able to competently steer your matter through the court system. You should ask the law firm the following questions:

  1. Does your firm practice extensively in criminal law?
  2. Does your firm have experienced in-house solicitors practicing in criminal law?
  3. Does your firm have experienced in-house trial lawyers practicing in criminal law or does your firm instruct other law firms or independent barristers?
  4. Do your trial lawyers appear regularly in trials in the Magistrates Court, District Court and Supreme Court?
  5. Do your trial lawyers represent people charged with anything from simple to the most serious offences?
  6. Are your trial lawyers fully conversant with the Criminal Code or the Crimes Act?
  7. Are your trial lawyers fully conversant with the Criminal Procedure ActEvidence Act and Sentencing Act?
  8. Are your trial lawyers well known to the investigative and prosecuting agencies?

Other factors to consider when choosing a criminal law firm

  • Has your criminal lawyer represented other clients with the same criminal charge, or charges?

Saupin Legal represents people facing charges arising under both Western Australian and Commonwealth law.

  • Has your lawyer represented other clients who pleaded not guilty to the charges you’re facing?

Saupin Legal Criminal Lawyers are focused on defending clients. We thoroughly examine and determine the scope of defences available on the facts.

  • Does the law firm provide a full legal service, including representation in court?

Saupin Legal represents its clients from start to finish. We take your initial instructions, negotiate with the police and prosecuting agency, steer you through court hearings and we represent you at trial.

  • How much trial experience does your lawyer have representing clients in a courtroom?

Saupin Legal specializes in defending clients charged with simple offences, such as disorderly conduct, through to the most serious including murder and manslaughter and dangerous driving causing death.

  • Has the firm explained exactly what you should expect to receive at your first consultation?

Please read the Scope Of Advice section on this site. Saupin Legal equips its clients with the information they need at their first face-to-face consultation so that they understand how the law applies to them, available defences, procedural steps, time frame and legal costs.

  • Does the firm provide fixed fee representation?

Saupin Legal has a transparent, and unless otherwise agreed, fixed fee cost structure. See the Legal Costs tab of this site.

  • Is your criminal lawyer easily and directly contactable? Will they give you their mobile phone number, and can you call after business hours?

This is important because the police force works around the clock. Clients of Saupin Legal are given the mobile telephone number of their lawyer to contact them during and after business hours.

  • Do you feel comfortable with your criminal lawyer to ask any question about your case?

You must feel comfortable speaking to your lawyer. You must feel free to ask any question concerning your case knowing that you will receive a considered and appropriate response.

  • Does your lawyer explain the law in a way that you can understand?

At Saupin Legal our clients appreciate that we are able to explain complex criminal legal problems in plain language.

  • Is your lawyer a member of the Criminal Lawyers Association of Western Australia and Law Society of WA?

Dr Marc Saupin, the principal of Saupin Legal, is proudly a member of both.