About Us

Saupin Legal was founded in 2006 by Dr Marc Saupin, the firm’s Legal Practitioner Director.

Marc has years of negotiating and advocacy experience. He takes a hands-on approach overseeing all client matters. Marc was formerly with the Legal Aid Commission of WA Criminal Division, and before that he enjoyed a long and successful international career with various agencies of the United Nations. He has taught Criminal Law and Advanced Criminal Law at University level, and is a member of The Law Society of WA and Criminal Lawyers Association. Marc is passionate about protecting an individuals’ legal rights and applies his skills and experiences to help people in times of trouble.

Through the establishment of Saupin Legal, Marc has been able to apply his expertise and experiences to diverse mix of legal cases and clients, creating a business that is grounded in trust, responsiveness and dedication. Saupin Legal has become one of Perth’s most sought after law firms. The company offers a range of services, specialising in:


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