Welcome to Saupin Legal

Saupin Legal Barristers and Solicitors is a well-established law firm in Perth. We specialize in criminal law, corporate/white-collar crime, and practice in building and construction law, professional disciplinary law, and regulatory and administrative law.

The firm’s barristers represent clients throughout Western Australia, regularly appearing in the Magistrates Court, the District Court, the Supreme Court, Children’s Court and many State and Federal Tribunals.

With over 10 years of experience in serving a diverse mix of clients in Perth, WA, Saupin Legal offers the suitable criminal lawyer for your legal case.

Recent Cases

Saupin Legal has a proven track record. A few of our recent successes in the areas of Criminal Law and Building & Contract Law include:

Found not guilty, P-plater charged with careless driving »

Charges discontinued, sexual penetration of a child »

Negotiated result prior to trial, contract breach »

Breaking News

The Supreme Court of Western Australia in A -v- MAUGHAN [2016] WASCA 128 found that the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) had prosecuted its case against a Broome Police officer without the statutory powers to do so. Consequently, past CCC prosecutions may not have been lawful. If the CCC prosecuted you in the last 12 years then call us immediately on 0422 656 589 – don’t delay – we will review your case and legal options.

When you choose Saupin Legal you benefit from our:

  • Strong advocacy and negotiating skills
  • Extensive courtroom experience
  • Personal attention from highly qualified and respected lawyers
  • Welcoming and understanding legal office environment
  • Easy-to-understand legal advice
  • Continuous in-house professional legal representation from initial instructions through to out-of-court settlements or through to trial
  • Fixed legal costs, unless otherwise agreed.

Practice Areas: If you face a legal problem in any of the following areas we can assist you.

Criminal Law

All serious offences including:

  • Armed robbery/stealing/burglary
  • Fraud
  • Serious assaults/GBH/AOBH/wounding/weapons offences
  • Sex offences/sexual penetration/indecent dealing
  • Murder/manslaughter
  • Corporate crime
  • Reckless driving and dangerous driving
  • Dangerous driving causing death/grievous bodily harm.

Traffic Law

  • Reckless, dangerous or careless driving
  • Hoon laws
  • Vehicle confiscation
  • Dangerous driving (causing AOBH or death).

Corporate Crime

  • ASIC investigations and s 19 examinations
  • Fraud
  • Forgery
  • Dishonesty
  • Deceptive conduct.

Building & Construction Law

Disputes, defects and contractual rights including:

  • Building Commission complaints
  • Building defects, defective workmanship, contract delays, cost over-runs
  • State Administrative Tribunal hearings
  • Dividing fences
  • Contract variations/extensions of time
  • Payment disputes and delays
  • Your rights under a home building contract or general engineering contracts.

Disciplinary Law

  • Disciplinary complaints brought by professional or vocational bodies against their members.
  • Representation for teachers, doctors, dentists, nurses and all allied health professionals, accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers and real estate agents, settlement agents, motor vehicle dealers and travel agents.

Removing The Stress

Saupin Legal focuses on protecting clients’ legal interests. We strive to remove the source of stress and pressure that accompanies legal proceedings. Our clients report an immediate and real sense of relief upon appointing the firm. They say that the telephone stopped ringing, unwanted visits ceased, and the stream of demanding letters stopped.

One client summed it up saying: “Everything suddenly went quiet – we could now get on with our life in peace”.

Importantly, once you retain Saupin Legal we do all the negotiations on your behalf, accept service of documents and deal directly with the other side, regulator or prosecuting agency. And throughout our engagement we keep you regularly informed on the progress of your case. Call Saupin Legal now on 0422 656 589 and remove the stress of legal proceedings on you and your family.