Scope of Advice

At Saupin Legal we take pride in offering direct, responsive, cost effective and personalized legal services rarely available from large or corporate law firms.

At your first appointment we listen to your legal issues and surrounding circumstances and features of your legal problem.

We systematically explain the relevant laws that apply in your case and the procedural steps that will have to be taken depending upon how you want to progress the matter.

We will explain the time frame to deal with your legal matter and the issues that may arise and strategies for dealing with those issues.

You will be given an estimate of your legal costs and any other costs that might be incurred along the way. We will explain how our costs agreement works, the requirement for monies to be placed into trust and how and when we will bill you for our legal services.

At the conclusion of your first meeting with us, we aim to have provided you with a very clear and precise understanding of how and when your legal problem will be solved, the costs and time frame for doing so.

If there is anything you don’t understand when you leave our office you can at no cost to you call us for further clarification.