Legal Costs

Our Legal Cost Structure is OPEN and TRANSPARENT there are no hidden costs.

Our legal advice is valuable but we ensure that our legal costs are competitive with other firms in the profession.

When you first telephone us, we will provide you with an obligation FREE assessment of your case. If you want to know more then an appointment will be made for your initial consultation for you to provide us with your instructions and for you to receive our preliminary advice.

At that time we will also provide you with an estimate of what it will cost you to finalise your matter. If the estimated cost exceeds the statutory threshold you will be required (by law) to enter into a Law Society of Western Australia Costs Agreement. This Agreement sets out the maximum costs to finalise your case and your legal rights and obligations in respect of your legal costs.

If you decide to proceed with our firm then your final legal bill will be reduced by the amount of your initial consultation fee.

If you have received our Tax Invoice and you require further information about your legal costs or you are dissatisfied with what you have been charged please telephone Marc Saupin directly on 0422 656 589 for a confidential discussion to resolve the matter.

Further Information

Legal Costs Fact Sheet

Legal Costs Rights