Professional Disciplinary Law

Professional Disciplinary, Regulatory & Administrative Laws

Our lawyers understand perfectly well the stress placed on individuals and their families when facing professional disciplinary action.

The mere thought of reputational damage for professional misconduct or unsatisfactory professional conduct, through to the more sinister outcomes such as a criminal conviction is cause for anxiety and even depression.

We represent teachers, doctors, dentists, nurses and all allied health professionals, accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers and real estate agents, settlement agents, motor vehicle dealers and travel agents in all types of disciplinary, regulatory and administrative law matters.

We appear at disciplinary inquires at professional or vocational bodies, and at review hearings in the State Administrative Tribunal.

We take a no nonsense approach by quickly getting to understand the nature of the complaint, the evidential basis for the complaint and importantly the procedural steps to be taken by the regulatory body. It is our job to scrutinize every aspect of the complaint, the complainant and the regulatory body bringing the proceedings.

Our rigorous case assessment skills, negotiation competencies through to our extensive court-room experience means that we can offer professionals strong and determined legal representation in responding to complaints, and ensure that investigations proceed according to law.

If you are facing disciplinary proceedings or you have received a complaint about your professional work and are required to attend a disciplinary inquiry call Saupin Legal now on 0422 656 589 to speak to one of our competent lawyers experienced in handling professional disciplinary and regulatory law matters.